Have you decided to embark on remodeling your kitchen? Are you attempting to increase the visual size of the space without knocking down a wall or two? As unimaginable as it may seem, you can use kitchen tiles to maximize the visual space. A combination of orientation, light, tile size, accent, color, and style can all contribute to making your kitchen look bigger. Techniques like vertical movement and horizontal stretch play a role in how the eye experiences a space. Whether you have a small kitchen you want to look bigger or a large kitchen you want to feel massive, the right tiles, features, and lighting can get the job done.

At Transworld Tile, we offer a variety of tiles to choose from in your kitchen remodel endeavors. In this post, we’ll share six ways you can use tile to maximize the visual space in your kitchen—or any room for that matter. Ready to shop tiles online? Visit our online tile selection, or visit our showroom in San Fernando. Continue reading to learn more!

Six Ways Tile Can Maximize Visual Space

Do you have a small kitchen? Do you want to make it look bigger? It’s time you paused your research and considered going with kitchen tiles that fulfill your dream of having a bigger kitchen without actually increase the square footage of the space. Here are six ways tile can help:

Tip #1 – Tile Orientation Matters

You’ll notice that most tile is installed horizontally, which looks flat or wide at first sight. An easy, simple technique is to turn the tile 90 degrees and install it moving vertically. This will give it a rising upwards look, making the wall feel taller as the eye experiences it. Conversely, horizontally installed tile takes the eye side-to-side. Vertical tile pulls the eye up, which is popularly related to large or expansive spaces like the sky.

Not every kitchen tile installation can rely on vertical positioning to make it feel larger, however. A smaller backsplash can get away with vertical installation, but if you were to use tile on half of or a complete wall, you may need to install the tile horizontal, since it’s more pleasing to the eye. Nonetheless, the more tile that’s used, in general, the larger a space will feel due to light reflection, which is what we’ll discuss next.

Tip #2 – Reflect Light

Have you ever stepped into a dark room and thought, “Wow, this is a small space”? The joy of tile is that it reflects light. The reflection of light gives the eye the feeling that it’s in a bigger space compared to its actual square footage. We won’t get into the science of light, but it’s safe to say that installing tile and adding natural light to the room will make it feel larger.

You’ll want to make sure the type of tile you choose is reflective enough to create the desired “reflection” effect. Tiles like mosaic, glass, and porcelain are great to achieve a stunning light effect, using natural or white light.

Tip #3 – Accent Tile Enlarges Create Depth

We’ve mentioned a few times that darkness makes things feel small. However, it is possible to use dark tile to accent a bright space. This accent introduces contrast, making the bright areas feel larger. Be selective on which shade of dark tile you choose, and how much of the dark tile you install.

For example, you can used bright, colorful tile in a shower or other recessed space to make it look further away—another light reflection trick. Combine this technique with dark accents to create a visually appealing distance effect. The darker tile looks closer, and the lighter tile looks farther away. This creates depth, which is a primary factor for the brain to determine the size of something.

Tip #4 – Light Colored Tiles Expand Spaces

The use of light colored tiles helps with reflecting light and enlarging the space. A professional designer will share with you that using the same color but in different textures/shades can offer a multi-dimensional experience for the eye. Once again, we’re talking depth. The depth in a room will make it feel larger, since the eye uses depth to determine size and distance. For example, a matte white tile combined with a glossy white tile will create a near-far aesthetic as a kitchen backsplash or wall, which, as in the shower example above, offers just enough depth to make the space feel bigger.

Tip #5 – Match Tiles To Color Palette

Unless you have a reason for being eccentric, you want your kitchen tiles to easily complement one another or purposely contrast one another. The purpose of a color palette is to play with complement-contrast relationships between colors. If you’re looking to add more light reflection, accent lighter tiles with dark tiles, or create depth, make sure your potential color choices fit the palette. You don’t want to end up with a beautiful kitchen tile renovation that doesn’t match. A space that “works” will be easier to make feel larger.

Tip #6 – Install Kitchen Floor and Ceiling Tiles

If you have a decent amount of natural light, installing tile on the floor or ceiling can make the room feel larger. As mentioned above, light reflection, tile accent, and color choice creates depth. The amount of depth you can create with the above tips will offer the eye a space that’s visually larger. As for ceilings and floors, the same techniques apply. Ultimately, you need to use whatever elements you already have in your small kitchen, add tile, and expand the space visually.

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