Does the name Michelangelo sound familiar? How about the Pantheon or the Basilica of Massa? There are dozens of ancient buildings, statues, and works of art made out of Carrara Marble—and for good reason. The material is used in architecture projects around the world, and has been used for centuries, beginning with slabs extracted from quarries in Tuscany at the height of the Roman empire. There’s no question as to why Carrara became so popular. It’s an elegant material, ranging in color from white to white-gray; the veins showing charcoal gray to blue-gray. Installing this material, either as a countertop, flooring, or in your shower, will turn the space into a work of art.

In this post, we’ll be sharing why Carrara Marble is the best tile for your home no matter where you decide to install it. Are you ready to view some marble pieces in person? Stop by the Transworld Tile Showroom today! We service Los Angeles, San Fernando, and Thousand Oaks with brilliant tile selections and expert industry knowledge. Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

How To Identify Carrara Marble

Carrara Marble is sourced from the Massa-Carrara quarries in Tuscany. The marble arrives at locations worldwide in giant blocks. Slabs are then cut from the blocks. These slabs are either honed, creating a smooth, satin-like matte finish, or polished for a shiny gloss finish.

When your identifying Carrara Marble, look for a white/gray background with delicate blue-gray accent veins that’s spaced evenly across the tile. Furthermore, the whiter the background, the more expensive the slab.

Carrara Marble For Your Bath

If you’re in search of elegance, Carrara Marble is the best tile choice for your bathroom—specifically your shower or bath. The floor to ceiling aesthetic of white Carrara with blue-gray veining elevates the space from bland to beautiful. You can choose various slab sizes to fit the curvatures and spaces. Remember to find slabs that have similar veinging and background color, so that you can keep consistency. Also, the more veigning, the higher the content of the marble. Finally, as your marble dampens and dries over the years it will change slightly. The moisture will create a living backdrop for your bathing experience.

Carrara Marble For Your Kitchen Countertops

The kitchen is typically the warmest part of the home, and we don’t mean temperature—although someone who bakes may keep the space quite toasty. Nonetheless, the style, finish, and aura of your kitchen space can be elevated with Carrara Marble. Typically, the kitchen countertop is what ties the entire space together. From the cabinets to the flooring, this is the feature that “finishes” the room. A marble countertop, especially Carrara, will bring a coolness to an otherwise warm room. Bakers tend to use marble since it’s been shown to moderate dough temperature as it’s rolled out.

Carrara Marble Tile For Your Flooring

In most cases, Carrara Marble is used for flooring in warmer climates. The marble emits a coldness that counters the warmer temperatures. Before air conditioning, some Italians used rugs in the winter to keep their floors slightly warmer, but in the summers, they would roll back the rugs and let the marble’s coolness rise up from the floor.

Five Benefits Of Carrara Marble

Benefit #1 – White Marble Looks Elegant

Consider Carrara Marble veining in addition to its white background. You can’t go wrong with Carrara when it comes to elevating a rooms design and aesthetic feel. No two slabs are ever identical, so you will have a truly unique piece of marble.

Benefit #2 – Marble Is Durable

It’s common to believe that marbel isn’t tough enough to handle the daily tasks and requirements a family kitchen requires. However, this isn’t entirely true. As long as you maintain your marble, sealing it at least twice a year, you will have a countertop that will last a lifetime.

Benefit #3 – 50 Shades Of White

Carrara Marble offers a wide range of white shades. You can cut tile from the same slab and get a slightly different shade. This is the beauty of Carrara; it’s never the same, but looks great when paired together properly.

Benefit #4 – It Goes With Almost Everything

White is a color that can accent almost any color, design, or style. This means that whether you install a Carrara countertop, shower, or floor, it will be a great addition to the space.

Benefit #5 – One Of The Most Well Known Marble

Carrara Marble is one of the most well-known types of marble on the global market. It’s heralded as one of the finest. It’s been used as far back as Rome for art and architecture. If you’re in search of an elegant solution your countertop, bathroom, or flooring, Carrara is the material to go with.



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