At Transworld Tile, we carry a wide array of glass tiles in a variety of colors and hues which are often used as kitchen backsplash tiles. Recently, we’ve seen more and more designers and local homeowners shift toward multi-colored backsplashes, though not necessarily in the way you may immediately imagine.

Picking Multiple Colors Made Easy

Familiarize Yourself With Hue

A yellow tile is not necessarily the same as a yellow tile. Obviously, there are differences in colors, even amidst the same basic color. The hue of your tile can have a big impact on your kitchen backsplash, even if you only choose a single tile. With proper understanding, you will be able to pick a hue that will work best with the warm and cool tones you’ll be using throughout your kitchen, the other colors you have in mind, and even other factors, such as light and size available to work with.

Now Double It

Once you decide on that perfect, absolutely must-have tile hue, you can take it a step further by picking another tile in almost the same color. Why would you do this? Because a lightly smoke grey tile that perfectly matches your motif will be perfectly accented by mixing in about a third as much of a darker smoke grey tile throughout the backsplash. These tiles play off of one another, and of the design itself, while still being just about the same color. By sparsely placing another (very similar) color to your primary kitchen backsplash tile, you can elevate your entire design with depth and dimension.

Or Just Change It

The same principle applies for complementary colors that challenge your backsplash color. This can actually be a great way to minimize your main color; for instance, if you love the way a pastel purple plays off of your white cabinetry and golden amber granite countertops, it may be best to use only a few of the purple tiles, using them to accent colors that work well with the purple. It sounds backwards, but by making the purple pop out of a field of light greens and bright yellows, you actually make the purple the star. While these colors are admittedly outlandish, the principle would work with varying shades of grey and sparsely used white or black tiles. The basic principle is that the minority, if chosen correctly, can appear stronger than the majority.

The Occasional Color Wheel

Nothing gives us more joy than to sell a large-scale mosaic in the form of large glass tiles in a litany of colors. This bold, creative design allows the user to paint their wall in a way that suits modern tastes while standing well outside of the convention. Not every design (and certainly not every style) can hold up to the barrage of color that comes from a full-scale mosaic, so tread carefully!

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