It has been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it is no surprise that most home renovations are aimed at increasing the wow-factor of the kitchen. When considering a renovation the major design choices typically surround kitchen layout, flooring, counter tops, cabinets, and appliances; while these are essential for increasing the function of the kitchen, the true value increase of a kitchen renovation comes in the form of finishes.

Tile backsplash, the ultimate high-end finish

Nothing speaks of a high-end finish more than an appropriately chosen tile backsplash; choosing a backsplash for your renovation almost always means taking a
trip to the tile store, where an overwhelming amount of options can all “look right” to the untrained eye. Picking the best tile for your kitchen is more art developed through experience than an exact science, and choosing based only on price can lead to a kitchen that falls just shy of its potential.

Expertise over price

While there are certainly an array of tile choices available to a renovator or designer, choosing the best possible backsplash does not always mean breaking the bank; additionally, choosing cheap backsplash tile to save on price can quickly sour the entire project. Our tile experts understand the ins and outs of choosing kitchen backsplash tile, and understand how crucial it is for your selection to match both your project and your budget. We have the expertise necessary to guide you toward the most efficient, effective option for your kitchen tile.14002-bg-inner1

Give us a call or stop in today to speak to our professional staff, and find the right tile for your Thousand Oaks project today!

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