Are you going to renovate your kitchen tile? You will find the experience exhilarating. Not only will you update the space, but you will feel a sense of accomplishment once the project is finished. Your family will find the Saltillo tile you’ve chosen beautiful and decorative. But, before you get started with your kitchen tile renovation in your San Fernando home, consider these five things you should not do with your Saltillo tile. They will save you money and time.

Five Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Saltillo Tile

Saltillo tile is a timeless, elegant style of Mexican tile you can use for flooring or backsplash in your kitchen. Depending on the project, you will discover that there are a number of myths surrounding Saltillo’s installation. Techniques for installation have advanced over the years. Here are the five things you should not do with your Saltillo tile:

#1 – Do Not Purchase Unsealed Tile

Saltillo tile is super absorbent. You will need anywhere between five and seven coats of properly applied sealant to protect the tile, once installed. However, unsealed Saltillo tile can cause a number of issues. You may be trying to save some money on your tile purchase, but you will spend more in attempting to seal the tile to protect it once it’s installed. Sealed Saltillo tile may be slightly more expensive, but you will pay less over time to maintain it. Consider the cost of sealant, the labor to seal it properly, and the time required for the tile to dry. All of these add up and cost more than simply purchasing sealed Saltillo tile outright.

#2 – Do Not Pre-Soak Saltillo Tile

Before sealed Saltillo tile existed, installers would soak the tiles prior to installation, which acted as a temporary sealant during installation. The ideal situation is to purchase sealed tile and install it as-is to get the best outcome. Soaking Saltillo tile can lead to efflorescence issues over the lifespan of the tile, which is the result of water evaporating from the tile over time.

#3 – Avoid Using Spaces During Installation

A majority of tile installations involve consistent spacing. Saltillo tile is handcrafted. The tile sizes vary between tiles. Spacers will simply create inconsistent spacing across the entire floor, offsetting rows enough to cause issues. You or your installers can snap chalk lines across the floor in the layout that you want to get a more accurate guide as to where to install the tiles.

#4 – Do Not Strip The Tile

You may have heard through various Saltillo installation videos or articles that you need to strip your tile before installation. The opposite is actually true. You do not want to strip your Saltillo tiles before installation. Instead, you want to do everything you can to install, refinish, or repair your tile before resorting to stripping it. In a majority of cases, a floor can be taken care of without having to strip it to do so.

#5 – Stay Away From Harsh Cleaning Chemicals

Saltillo tiles are beautiful, timeless pieces of art. They are also sensitive to harsh cleaning chemicals. One defining feature of Saltillo tile is that it needs to be sealed extensively to endure the home and a lifetime of service. You will want to use non-harsh cleaning chemicals to keep your Saltillo tile looking great. Make sure, too, that you are cleaning your tile regularly.

Saltillo Tile Advantages

There are several advantages to installing Saltillo tile in your kitchen. Here are a few of the most popular advantages:

Saltillo tile does not trap dust or debris like other types of tiles, and it’s easily cleaned. If you or a loved one suffers from regular or seasonal allergies, the Saltillo tile is a great addition to reduce allergens from being trapped in the floor.

You will find that Saltillo tile is one of the longer lasting tiles on the market. When compared to other materials like carpet, linoleum, and some types of wood floors, Saltillo lasts longer.

Do you want a timeless, decorative tile for your kitchen? Saltillo tile offers a wide variety of colors, decorations, and design for you to choose from. You can match, contrast, or complement your tile with your kitchen.

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