Kitchen floor tiles have a large number of benefits: They’re durable, long-lasting, attractive, resist bacteria, and more. However, not everyone is fully versed on how to properly clean and care for their floors, especially when it comes to the grout between tiles, and therefore don’t get the most out of their kitchen’s floor. Today, Transworld Tile is looking to provide a few amazing kitchen tile grout cleaning tips we’ve picked up from Thousand Oaks’ homeowners.

Cleaning Kitchen Tile Grout

dreamstime_xxl_31071703Warm Water + Vinegar

This is one of those older tried-and-true tips we hear all the time: Mix 1/2 cup of vinegar with a gallon of warm water to create an effective floor cleaner. Not only will this solution function as an effective standalone deep cleaner for sanitizing tiles and grout, but it can also be used in conjunction with a second mop using standard floor cleaning detergent for an even deeper clean. Note: Do not use chemicals or vinegar on marble floor tiles, consult with one of our experts for proper marble maintenance.

Try Erasing Stains

We were a bit skeptical the first time we heard this one, but it seems to work for many people: For minor stains in your kitchen floor’s grout, try using the eraser at the end of a standard #2 pencil (pink and white erasers seem to work equally well). We obviously don’t recommend trying to use this across your entire floor, but it can be a quick, effective way to clean small patches of stained grout. It may sound silly, but we’ve seen it work!

Get Out Baking Soda

We’ve heard both baking soda and bleach work well for removing grout stains. Bleach comes with a number of risks, especially for colored grout (try at your own risk), but baking soda + water should be far more safe. To use baking soda for grout cleaning you’ll need a spray bottle full of water, baking soda, and an old toothbrush. Steps are as follows: Wet the area, add light doses of baking soda to stains, spray with water again, lightly scrub with toothbrush, wipe up after a couple of minutes, and repeat as necessary.

Remember, Tiles Are Tough

Your kitchen tiles are far more durable than other types of flooring, allowing you to scrub any areas that need to be deep cleaned. You can use light hand brushes without worry of scratching your tile or damaging your kitchen’s floors the way you would if they were made from wood or other materials. You can use a little more water, scrub a little harder, and worry a whole lot less about permanent damages.

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