You may be building your own home or simply remodeling your current kitchen. In either situation, the project can become overwhelming. You need to decide on a style, design, color palette, feature placement, and more. It’s a whirlwind of decisions all packed into a few weeks. What’s more, you will need to adjust your life so that the kitchen remodel can be completed without any interruptions. As one of the most used rooms in the home, your kitchen needs to be designed properly to fit your lifestyle needs. In this post, Transworld Tile is going to share some shocking kitchen design mistakes you want to avoid.

Kitchen Design Mistakes To Avoid

#1. Ignore The Kitchen Work Triangle

The space between your refrigerator, stove, and sink is considered the kitchen work triangle. This is where preparing, cooking, and cleaning will happen while you’re in the kitchen. As the most used room in the home, this triangle is the most used area in your kitchen. When you ignore this fact, you will find that these three features need to be near one another to efficiently use your kitchen each day.

#2. Not Enough Storage

Kitchen features can get overwhelming. Do you get the upgraded stove, or do you go for the smart refrigerator? In some cases, you get both. You can get lost in choosing your features that you forget about the storage space in your kitchen. Where will all your pots and pans go? How will you store dry food? Without storage, you will have a cluttered countertop that’s unusable on a daily basis.

#3. Forget About Counter Space

Even if you have adequate storage space, you will need to consider how much counter space you will want. Not having enough counter space will haunt you until you remodel your kitchen again. It will not go away, and it will remind you that you should have considered it more seriously before the remodel. Simply put, more counter space means more available working space for cooking, cleaning, events, and more.

#4. Using One Type Of Lighting

Have you ever heard of layering your lighting? It works based on function. You need to have general lighting, which takes care of illuminating the space. You will want task lighting, which focuses on a specific area in the kitchen for a given activity. Finally, you will want accent lighting, too. This is so that certain features in your kitchen are showcased and easily accessible visually. Not being able to see what your dicing on a cutting board is dangerous.

#5. Incorrect Island Placement And Size

One of the most utilized pieces of counter space in a kitchen is the island. It’s accessible from all sides and it allows for multiple uses at multiple times. The kids can be doing homework on one side while you prepare their dinner on the other. An island is a great feature, but it can be a hindrance, too. An island at the wrong size and placed in the wrong spot will annoy you for years to come. For example, an island that extends a little too far beyond the edge of the kitchen will make you walk an extra three steps to get around it. If only it were shorter.



#6. Forgetting About Trash And Recycle Concealment

You may pull the trash out to use it while cooking, but where do you place it when you’re not using the kitchen? A trash can left out in the open can wreak havoc on your kitchen. It harbors undesirable smells and openly presents the space with bacteria. You can place a lid on the trash bin, but it only helps if your children or pets don’t knock it over. The best choice is to include a trash and recycle concealment area as a part of the remodeling project.

#7. Price-Based Cabinetry

You will want kitchen cabinets that last the duration of you owning your home. If you spend at least the national average of time in your current home, which is about 13 years, you will want cabinets that can last no less than two decades. Remember, get cabinets based on quality, not price.

#8. Don’t Remodel Wall Or Floor Tile

A kitchen remodel should include the floors and walls, not just appliances and features. If you’re updating your kitchen, it’s important you include the tile, too. The tile can be a focal point or the strong accent in the space. Leaving old tile in a new kitchen is a huge kitchen remodeling mistake.

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