Are you going to replace the floor in your kitchen, bathroom, or living space? Do you know which style, design, and color you want to use for your tiles? At Transworld Tile, we understand that it can be overwhelming to find the perfect tile. You probably have a lot of questions, which can be answered. However, in this post, we want to share which floor tiles are the most difficult to keep clean, so you can choose the best tiles for your project. Ready to shop for tiles? Visit our showroom and let us help! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more.

Find the perfect floor tiles

Tile color

When it comes to keeping your floor tiles clean, the color of the tile can affect how often you have to clean them. Frankly, we think you should be sweeping your floor at least once a week, and completing a moderate to deep clean bi-annually. Nonetheless, lighter colored tiles tend to be harder to clean. Tiles that are solid colors, as opposed to multi-colored, tend to show more dirt, too. If you want to spend less time cleaning your tile, choose floor tiles that have a design, multi-colors, or are slightly darker in shade.

Grout color

Grout is typically the last thing on a homeowner’s mind when adding floor tiles to their home; it fills the space between the tile, holding it together and sealing it. When it comes to color, similar rules to tile color apply to grout, too. The brighter the color of grout, the harder it will be to keep clean, meaning you will need to clean it more often. For example, a beige floor tile with white grout will show quite a bit of dirt. So if you have children, pets, or an active lifestyle, you may want to consider a darker shade of tile that has a design or pattern to extend the duration between cleanings.

How to keep your tiles clean

No matter your floor tiles’ color, you can keep them clean. Those with brighter tiles and grout may need to sweep and clean more often than those without. Nonetheless, here are some cleaning tips for tile.

Tip #1 – Sweep or vacuum

Using a broom or your vacuum to consistently remove loose dirt, hair, and more will give your floor tiles the look of being clean. It’s important to remove any loose debris before moving to a moderate or deep cleaning. Once all the debris is removed, then consider a scrub-down for your tile.

Tip #2 – Use all-purpose cleaner

Make sure the cleaner you choose is usable on the floor tile you have. A gentle all-purpose cleaner used with a non-abrasive rag, cloth, or brush will work to clean your tiles. This should remove any residue or “coating” that’s built up over the years.

Tip #3 – Clean and re-seal your grout

Once your tile is clean, give your grout a good look. The secret to great looking floor tiles is the grout. Your tiles may shine, but the grout will make things look dirty. Grout does absorb some of the liquid and grime that ends up on your floor. This means that using a cleaner that will pull the absorbed chemicals out and clean the grout will be the best option.

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