When you think of your bathroom, what do you imagine? For most, their bathroom is simply a place to brush your teeth, bathe, and — you know. But bathrooms have come along way since the Romans thousands of years ago. In fact, bathrooms transformed from a community room to a private spa. Your bathroom is more than a functional space to accomplish essential tasks; it’s now a private getaway to pamper and take care of yourself.

With this in mind, you want your bathroom to be inviting and warm. That’s why at Transworld Tile, we’ve put together the seven best options for your bathroom floor tile projects. In this article, you will find those options and why they’re a great choice.

Seven Best Bathroom Floor Tile Options

There are a surprising number of floor tile materials that it may make your head spin. For most, choosing between two or three types of tile is stressful enough. At Transworld Tile, we have dozens of styles and designs, but we don’t let you choose on your own. In fact, when you come to visit us, we have tile experts ready to assist you.

#1. Vinyl Floor Tile

As one of the most popular floor tiles, vinyl is a durable, reliable choice. It offers a unique aesthetic that will last you for years to come. For most, vinyl is a great option because it’s inexpensive compared to other tile choices but still offers great value as a bathroom floor tile, as well as being fairly easy to install.

#2. Laminate Floor Tile

If you’re remodeling your bathroom and what to keep costs down, laminate flooring is a great choice. It’s durable and easy to keep clean. However, laminate floor planks have been known to have a hard time with moisture. As a cost-effective bathroom floor tile, you will simply need to keep up with moisture control with this tile. Otherwise, it’s a fantastic choice to go with.

#3. Cork Floor Tile

Do you want a warm floor tile that invites bare feet? Cork flooring is easy on the feet, and it offers a wide variety of colors and styles. As an easy flooring to install, cork material utilizes trowel-applied adhesive. If you want a click-in installation, you can find cork flooring that offers other methods.

#4. Stone Floor Tiles

When you want to add texture to your bathroom floor, you can enjoy a nice stone tile. This type of tile is made from limestone, marble, granite, or slate. Colors range from light cream to heavy blues, greens, golds, and reds. The textures of stone tile can include variations of cleft, tumbled, sandblasted, etched, and flamed. Although stone requires more maintenance than other bathroom floor tiles, it’s a solid choice for your remodel project.

#5. Ceramic Floor Tile

Are you looking for a traditional style with a flair of modern color? Ceramic floor tiles offer both. You will find that ceramic is available in a variety of colors and finishes. Their finishes, textures, and patterns allow for you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Finally, ceramic tile is easily maintained, but they’re not as friendly to bare feet, being cold.

#6. Porcelain Floor Tiles

A huge benefit of porcelain is that it’s water resistant. Due to their clay and mineral materials, they are dense. What’s more, porcelain is a tile that has “through” color, which means that if it’s chipped, the color of the tile remains. Other tiles that are chipped or damaged do not have through-color, and it requires to replace the entire tile.

#7. Glass Floor Tiles

When it comes to texture and water resistance, glass floor tiles are a fantastic option. When installed correctly, glass lasts a long time. Also, the aesthetic of glass tile offers two primary benefits. The first is that glass tile gives the illusion of depth. The second is that glass tile creates an attractive stained glass effect.

Transworld Tile: Your Bathroom Floor Tile Professionals

A bathroom floor is more than a means to an end. The tile you choose for your bathroom floor must live up to your lifestyle needs and wants. If a cold, stone floor doesn’t make sense, you can install a cork floor. The opposite is true, as well. An ancient classic for bathroom floors includes marble. This may be what you desire, and you deserve to have it. Give us a call or visit our showroom today!