Did you know the longest portion of any kitchen remodel is choosing how to match the cabinets, countertops, and flooring? Some think it’s installing components or features, but it’s not, surprisingly. The color scheme, accents, and aesthetic of the entire space must be perfect for the homeowner to be satisfied — we’d expect nothing less from contractors. This leaves those renovating their kitchens with a huge question to answer: “how do I match my cabinets, countertops, and floor?”

In this post, Transworld Tile shares some information from 30-plus years of experience in the tile business to help you match your kitchen. Continue reading to learn more!

How to choose your kitchen components

Choose your color scheme

It can feel overwhelming to choose from a huge assortment of colors to design your kitchen. Add the pressure to create the perfect kitchen, and you’ve got yourself a bundle of stress. Instead, choose two dominant, complementary colors you like. Consider the feel you want to create while in the kitchen. Also, engage different types of lighting to experience your color choices. The mood, feeling, and ambiance is key when designing the space.

Next, you can either go with those two dominant, complementary colors, or you can add in a third color that accentuates the first two. Your accent color should bring the room together and give it character. If you choose a dominant third color, you’ll achieve what designers call “loud” when it comes to colors.

Finally, consider the style you’re trying to achieve in your kitchen. Do you want a rustic, contemporary, or modern space? These decisions can also affect color scheme, so consider your options before committing.

Choose your countertops first

Once you have your colors and style situated, move on to your countertops. Most homeowners intuitively understand that countertops are the most “visible” element in the kitchen when it comes to aesthetics. It’s also the “centered” feature, meaning the central feature in the space. Countertops are also in the direct sight of humans — most people look down while they walk around, aiming their eyes directly at the counters.

When you choose your countertops first, it better allows you to match your cabinet and floor paint, if you’ll be using it. It also enables you to make bold moves with your cabinets or flooring and remaining anchored with your countertops.

Choose your flooring second

You can choose your flooring by two different methods. Transworld has a wide array of tile flooring options to choose from. Nonetheless, you can either match your flooring to your countertops or get bold with it. The complementary or contrasting nature of your floor should depend on which you choose to do with your cabinets. For example, use your primary color to choose the countertops. Then, you can use your primary color to choose the flooring or use your third, accent color to choose your flooring. Either way, you will be working off the countertop color to make your kitchen unique.

Choose your cabinets last

Cabinets are the most versatile feature in your kitchen, which is why we suggest choosing it last. You can contract custom cabinets to fit the space or find generic ones that get the job done.

When choosing cabinets, consider choosing the opposite method than what you did with the floor. For example, if your floor matches your counters, choose cabinets that contrast them both. If your floors contrast your counter, choose cabinets that compliment your counters.

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