When’s the last time you thought about how much it would cost to remodel your entire kitchen? Expensive, right? At Transworld Tile, we don’t want you to not update your kitchen because you think you have to do everything at once. In fact, you can update your kitchen in stages. You can add floor tiles in the first phase, update the countertops in the second phase, and in the third phase, do the cabinets. If you don’t want to wait, we’ve put together six more tips, in addition to the first six tips from part one of this blog series, so you can make changes to your kitchen while on a tight budget. Continue reading to learn more!

Six More Kitchen Update Tips

Tip #7 – Work in accent elements

We’ve mentioned accents in the first six tips, but with this tip, be more deliberate. In many kitchens, adding rustic or contemporary elements add color and character to the space. Pair these additions with updated lighting, and your entire kitchen could transform with little effort.

Tip #8 – Add additional storage

Your kitchen may feel cluttered because you have nowhere to store things. This is common in older homes with new appliances, features, and components. We’ve got myriad items that take up counter space. In most cases, we leave the items on the counter when not in use. Why not store it on a shelve or in a new cabinet?

Tip #9 – Add shades, specifically Roman

A softer natural light in any kitchen will make it feel more warm, even if the lighting is more white or blue. Add these shades to windows or glass doors to bring a new ambiance to the space. The way you manage light, as mentioned in part one, can make a noticeable difference in any kitchen.

Tip #10 – Install new flooring

This is a tip that cost more than any other tip we’ve shared; however, it is one move you can make to create a lasting effect in the space. A properly installed, well-designed floor in any kitchen changes the space, adding character and nuance to the style.

Tip #11 – Search locally for bargains on materials

This is a trade secret not many homeowners know about, and if they do, they don’t tell anyone. Search locally for discounted materials or products. In fact, Transworld Tile has great prices and deals you should take advantage of in any capacity that you’ll use tile.

Tip #12 – Do the work yourself

Once you have your budget in place, and a plan in mind, consider doing the labor of updating or installing new features in your kitchen on your own. It will save on manual-labor costs, and give you a bigger boost in pride, since you did the work on your own.

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