If you’re looking for a floor tile company to trust with your bathroom, kitchen, or living space floor renovation, you can trust Transworld Tile. We’ve been serving our customers for over 30 years, offering the highest-quality tile on the market for the best price. Not sure which tile to choose? You can visit us and discuss your project with one of our consultants. We’re more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for when it comes to floor tile.

About Us

Our goal is to deliver high-quality tile products on the back of the best customer service in the industry. Whether you want to replace the flooring, backsplash, or bathtub walls, we can help. Our varied selection of tile options allows for our customers to create the space they envisioned. After serving our customers for more than 30 years, we’ve discovered what it takes to creatively transform any space with tile. Our expert consultants are always willing to help you make the best tile decision for your project.

Our Products

We offer a variety of tile products to fit your floor tile needs. Whether you need flooring or backsplash, we have the best tile product for you.

Here are our main tile products:

Our customers find everything they need in tile products when they shop with us. Our exceptional variety of high-quality products allows for a vast potential when supplying our customer’s tile projects.

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After 30 years of serving our customers in the tile industry, we’re confident about being the best tile company in the area. We serve San Fernando, Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks with all their tile needs. Our expert consultants pride themselves on being able to help potential customers find the perfect tile product to match or accentuate their kitchen, bathroom, or living space remodel.