1. Small Bathroom Tile Ideas: Direction, Color, And Size

    Do you have a small bathroom in your San Fernando home? Have you considered tiles to make it feel larger and look better? A great way to improve your bathroom aesthetic and increase the size of the space without actually knocking walls down is tile. Tile can offer a variety of looks and styles depending on which material you choose. Furthermore, the color shade and design can reflect light to make…Read More

  2. Do You Have Mold On Your Bathroom Tiles?

    It can be surprising to find mold on your bathroom tiles in San Fernando. Does it run deeper? Do you need a bathroom tile replacement? These are both expensive questions if you answer them with a yes. Nonetheless, it’s important to remember that quick, deliberate action to rid your bathroom of all mold is necessary to maintain a healthy, peaceful space. In most cases, mold growth is difficult to…Read More

  3. The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Peel And Stick Kitchen Tile

    Do you need new kitchen tile? Are you looking for an affordable, stylish option for your backsplash, countertops, or floor? Peel and stick kitchen tile is a new technology that offers even the greenest of DIYers in Thousand Oaks the opportunity to add new tile to their kitchen. It’s no surprise that homeowners are looking for easier, inexpensive ways to upgrade their homes, and that’s why Tran…Read More

  4. Use Tiles To Make Your Bathroom Look And Feel Bigger

    For most, a vast, spacious bathroom is the dream. It’s an innate desire that a large majority of homeowners have about the space. The bathroom is intimate. It’s where we do our grooming, cleaning, and preparing. What’s more, the bathroom is a staple in every single home, especially the master. If you want to “expand” your bathroom without knocking down walls or removing features, you nee…Read More

  5. Want To Maximize Visual Space? Use These 6 Tile Tips!

    Have you decided to embark on remodeling your kitchen? Are you attempting to increase the visual size of the space without knocking down a wall or two? As unimaginable as it may seem, you can use kitchen tiles to maximize the visual space. A combination of orientation, light, tile size, accent, color, and style can all contribute to making your kitchen look bigger. Techniques like vertical movemen…Read More

  6. A Brief History Of Talavera Tile

    Talavera tile is a vivid craft meant to be cherished and appreciated for years to come. The true form of this unique tile is hand-formed from the rich white and black volcanic soils around Puebla, Mexico. Although a majority of modern Talavera is created to mimic the traditional version, its traditional use spans centuries. In this post, Transworld Tile will share a brief history of Talavera tile …Read More

  7. The Benefits Of Stone Tile Flooring

    Are you looking for stone tile flooring? What’s your ultimate goal when it comes to using stone tile? There is a wide variety of style, colors, and patterns that can be found with natural stone tile, whether you’re interested in travertine, slate, marble, limestone, or granite. Nonetheless, how you want your flooring to look and accent the room will influence which stone tile you choose for yo…Read More

  8. The Benefits Of Handcrafted Mexican Tile

    Handcrafted Mexican Tile is typically described as rustic, bold, and beautiful. Whether you’re installing it in your kitchen, bathroom, or back patio, it’s a great tile material to compliment conservative, traditional styles throughout the home. Furthermore, using handcrafted Mexican tiles for flooring will infuse the spirit of the South into the space, adding warmth and boldness. At Transworl…Read More

  9. The Benefits Of Glass Tile

    Are you looking for something special to install for your kitchen backsplash? Have you considered glass tile? If you install glass tile into any space in your home it will do two things: it will bounce light around the room, creating a “larger” space, and it will offer a unique aesthetic no other tile material can offer. Glass tile plays with light as it reflects, and it offers a truly special…Read More

  10. The Benefits Of Carrara Marble

    Does the name Michelangelo sound familiar? How about the Pantheon or the Basilica of Massa? There are dozens of ancient buildings, statues, and works of art made out of Carrara Marble—and for good reason. The material is used in architecture projects around the world, and has been used for centuries, beginning with slabs extracted from quarries in Tuscany at the height of the Roman empire. There…Read More