1. 8 Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Bathroom

    As a homeowner, you have a lot of choices to make. Should you remodel your bathroom? Should you add another bathroom on the second floor? Do you need to renovate the tile in the bathroom? It’s all relative to what you want to feel and see when you experience the space. In fact, you have so much control over how your bathroom looks, you may make some mistakes in a fit of inspiration to design the…Read More

  2. The 5 Steps To Get Your Bathroom Tile Perfect

    You’re renovating or remodeling your bathroom. You’ve decided tile is the best way to go. In fact, you want to use tile for the floor, around the vanity, and in the shower. It’s a great material to use that will last long and give you the feeling you desire in the space. However, you know that process can cost you. The first hurdle is the cost of the material. The second hurdle is the cost o…Read More

  3. The One Secret To A Successful Master Bathroom Makeover

    So, you want to remodel your master bathroom. You’ve started dreaming about the perfect colors, style, and design. Your vision includes a beautiful vanity, a stunning shower, and a spacious walk-in closet. The floor and backsplash will be tile. The shower, marble. For the most part, you know exactly what you want, but you’re still balking at taking the first step toward starting — and rightf…Read More

  4. Installing Saltillo Tile? Don’t Do These 5 Things!

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  5. How To Choose Mexican Floor Tile For Your Home

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  6. Why Tile Is The Modern Flooring Option

    Flooring has evolved over the years. Specifically, ceramic tile flooring has transformed from the durable and easy-to-maintain material to also becoming a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing alternative to so many other tile flooring choices. Not only is ceramic cost-effective and durable, but it’s also beneficial to our health and sustainability. In the 21st century, ceramic tile is the ulti…Read More

  7. Seven Ceramic Floor Tile Patterns To Improve Any Room

    Floor patterns can visually elongate wide rooms, expand narrow rooms, and mask a room’s defects. If you choose the right floor pattern for the room, you can achieve a lot with the simple configuration of tiles. A great material to use for flooring is ceramic tile. Not only does it offer health benefits, but it also allows for at least seven different patterns to improve any room in your home. Se…Read More

  8. How To Paint Kitchen Tile (And Why You Should)

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  9. Buying Saltillo Tile? Here are 5 Tips For Size and Shape

    There are hundreds, if not thousands, of tile types, styles, shapes, and designs. It can be overwhelming to sit down and simply decide which style you want, whether Mexican tile or stone tile. What’s more, you get to choose the color and shape of the tile type you choose. Selecting the best tile for your space is a multistep process that can leave you wondering why you decided to remodel or reno…Read More

  10. How To Remove Kitchen Tiles

    Your kitchen is the room that hosts conversations, memories, and and intimate moments with those you love. In most cases, the kitchen tile in Thousand Oaks you choose to install can have a direct affect on how you, friends, and family can feel in the space. Whether your children are completing homework at the kitchen island, or your partner is washing dishes after a wonderful barbecue, the tile se…Read More