1. 5 Outdoor Projects That are Perfect for Tile

    When you think about various uses for tile around your home, your main thoughts probably revolve around the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. While these are the most common uses for tile design, there are many outdoor uses and projects that can utilize a variety of tile types. For centuries, glass and ceramic tile have been used as ornate decoration in outdoor gathering places around the world. Don…Read More

  2. Questions to Ask Before Picking Out Bathroom Tile

    Updating a home’s bathroom can be a major point of comfort and added value for those who are looking into ways to improve their home. No home is complete without beautiful and complimentary bathroom tiles. In fact, between the floor and shower area, much of your bathroom utilizes some type of tile. Don’t let picking your bathroom tile stress you out. Here are some questions to ask yourself as …Read More

  3. 3 Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Backsplash Install

    If you’ve thought about updating your kitchen or maybe even doing an entire kitchen renovation, you’ve probably heard the term “backsplash” thrown around. But what is a kitchen backsplash and do you really need to install backsplash tile? A kitchen backsplash can be anything from a four-inch tile addition on the wall perpendicular to the counter, to a fully tiled area between where the cou…Read More

  4. The Best Ways to Clean Your New Kitchen Backsplash

    You’ve taken the time and installed new kitchen backsplash tile. Congratulations! You’ve done yourself a favor to help protect your walls and to improve the value of your home. However, instead of all the grease and gunk building up on the walls from your delicious cooking, now it will end up on the backsplash tile. That’s okay! Here are some simple steps to try to keep your kitchen backspla…Read More

  5. How do the Different Types of Flooring Compare?

    Most homes have a variety of floor types to complement various rooms. From carpet in a bedroom to floor tiles in the kitchen, choosing the right floor for the space and overall feel that you’re trying to exemplify can be a unique challenge. We’re here to help you choose the best flooring for all your spaces. Take a look at this handy flooring guide to help you upgrade all your interior, and ma…Read More

  6. 4 Places to Visit to See Carrara Marble in Action

    In a previous blog post, we talked a little bit about Carrara marble and why the location does matter when it comes to choosing your marble tile. Carrara quarries are known for their high-quality, exceptionally-white colored marble. For this reason, not only is it sought after for home projects, like your bathroom floor tiles, but also by architects and artists worldwide. With over 300 active quar…Read More

  7. Yes, Your Grout Choices Do Matter!

    As you work on your bathroom or kitchen tile renovation project, you are probably pretty concerned about which tile will go best with your cabinets and paint. While choosing the correct tile is an important factor in your project, the grout can be just as important to consider. Many tile installation projects, such as your installing backsplash tile, are pretty similar in terms of procedure. A con…Read More

  8. Why the Hype Behind Carrara Marble?

    Not all marble is the same. Marble is mined all over the world, providing a variety of colors and qualities, but not all marble is the same. For centuries, the furthest Northwest corner of Tuscany has been mining marble of some of the highest standards. The quarries of Carrara have produced more marble from their mines than anywhere else in the world. Ever. Marble is identified by it’s light, ty…Read More

  9. What is Porcelain?

    When many people think of porcelain, they may think of fine tea cups or other types of china; this all would be accurate. As far back as 600 A.D., potters in China were experimenting with a variety of porcelain techniques. In fact, the reason many types of porcelain goods are referred to as fine china, is due to their origins. But what is porcelain? How is it made? And how useful is it for kitchen…Read More