For most, a vast, spacious bathroom is the dream. It’s an innate desire that a large majority of homeowners have about the space. The bathroom is intimate. It’s where we do our grooming, cleaning, and preparing. What’s more, the bathroom is a staple in every single home, especially the master. If you want to “expand” your bathroom without knocking down walls or removing features, you need to find a way to make it look and feel bigger.

In this post, Transworld Tile shares nine great ways to make your bathroom space look and feel larger. Ready to shop bathroom tiles for your San Fernando home? You can visit our online store now, or you can visit our showroom during business hours! Otherwise, continue reading to learn more!

Nine Bathroom Tile Expansion Tips

Tip #1 – Go with white

White is a great color to use in small spaces. You can use white in varying shades and textures to offer depth and aesthetic. Also, white reflects light, which you can take advantage of, if your bathroom allows natural light. This is a great way to create an airy space that will feel bigger.

Tip #2 – Tones, tones, and more tones

If you’re not a fan of white, you can go with some tone-on-tone action. You can get the airy, lofty feeling from a bathroom with tones, but you have to be more creative with how you achieve it. Different tones paired need an accent like white to balance the feel. Furthermore, the varying colors can be used to create extreme depth, even in the tiniest of spaces. White reflects light, while darker tones absorb light, which you can use to make the space look bigger and feel larger. You can also play with one color and multiple shades to manipulate light reflection/absorption.

Tip #3 – Less feature, more tile

In small bathroom spaces, it can be a challenge to balance the need for features, storage, and space to breathe. One way you can do this is change the type of sink you have. Go with a vanity sink. Add more tile to the wall around and behind it to create “space.” You can leverage tile colors, styles, and designs alongside the use of the sink feature to make the bathroom feel and look larger.

Tip #4 – Less storage, more space

How much storage do you actually need in your bathroom? If you don’t need the full length cabinets and the floor-to-ceiling cupboards, get rid of them. Install beautiful tile, following a color palette that expands the space, and enjoy the feeling of a larger bathroom without having to knock the wall down. A little negative space can create a more positive experience.

Tip #5 – Install a larger mirror

Not only does a large mirror make a bathroom feel bigger, but it gives you more opportunity to reflect light off tile and glass. The more light that can bounce around your bathroom, the bigger the space will feel. Although a large mirror can be expensive, we’re talking about remodeling your bathroom to look and feel bigger. Get a price-check on knocking out a wall, and the mirror will quickly be a great option, if you’re only looking at cost.



Tip #6 – Remove natural walls

No, we don’t mean take out a wall. Consider your shower curtain. When closed, the bathroom space does look smaller. When open, it absorbs light, which makes the space look small, even when you can see the shower/tub. Consider installing a glass panel for your bathtub and shower. This will offer more light reflection and make the space look bigger.

Tip #7 – Add a niche

Physical depth can be created in a bathroom when you actually move walls. Although this can be a more expensive alternative, it will give you a larger space. A nook with a cabinet in it will give you more storage without the eyesore at eye level. Also, combine a wall adjustment with a majority of the tile tips above, and you’ll be on your way to having a vast, expansive bathroom.

Tip #8 – Add bright lighting

If you don’t have access to natural light in your bathroom, install white lights. In most cases, homes have yellow lights as a standard; however, if you replace the lights in your bathroom with white light, you can create depth, reflection, and more with tile and adding nooks and niches.

Tip #9 – Use long lines

Long lines draw the eye away, as it follows the line to its end. Nature offers this with the horizon, canyons, mountains, and more. If you want things to look farther away, create the experience with long lines. You can do this with bathroom wall, floor, and/or ceiling tiles. Remember, the color you choose in this endeavor also matters. Consider lighter shades with dark accents, or the opposite. Reflect light.

Bonus: Tip #10 – Work against length

If your bathroom is already long and tunnel shaped, use floor tile and the back wall, whether that be a shower or niche, to work against the overwhelming feeling that you’re in a subway tunnel. Run the floor tiles perpendicular to the length of the length of the space. Install tiles on the back wall horizontally, not vertically. Choose your colors wisely, to reflect light away from the back and side walls to create a more balanced look and feel.

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