Your home’s toilet or sink are not the only porcelain features you can add to your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you can add porcelain tiles to the floor. The durable, tough material is scratch and stain resistant, which makes it a great flooring option for those who will see a lot of traffic throughout their home.

Not only is porcelain tile durable, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing. Many homeowners choose to add porcelain to their bathroom or kitchen based solely on the style and feel the material brings to the space.

What is Porcelain Tile?

A type of ceramic, porcelain tile is made from denser, finer clay and is fired at higher temperatures; it’s also resilient to scratching and tougher when it comes to regular wear. Most tiles are relatively stain resistant.

Porcelain Tile Cons

It’s Expensive

If you’re looking for a quick and easy option you can rely on, porcelain tile may not fit your checklist. The material is high-end and pricey. However, if you do invest in porcelain tile as your flooring solution, it will last you a long time. Purchase porcelain tile if you have room in your budget; it’s well worth it.

The Grout Holds Grime

It may not be common knowledge but a lot of the dirt and gunk collected on your floor will be found in the grout. Porcelain tiles are extremely easy to clean, but the grout can be difficult to keep clean.

Installation Takes Time

Due to the tile installation process, it can take longer than other types of flooring. If your house is on a tight deadline, you may want to choose a different type of flooring.

Porcelain Tile Pros

It looks great

Whether you installed your porcelain tile years prior, or it’s been a week since installing, porcelain tile always looks great. Maintenance is relatively low, meaning a good sweeping once a week, and the bi-monthly cleaning keeps it looking new. Not only will porcelain look wonderful throughout its life, the color runs throughout the entire tile, meaning from top to bottom, the color you see with your new tile will be the same years from now.

It’s Low Maintenance

You don’t have to take care of porcelain tile very often. Unless you track in a lot of dirt, grime, or mud, the surface stays relatively clean. If you damage porcelain, it’s relatively easy to replace.

It’s Hard and Tough

Porcelain is fired at extremely high temperatures, so the ceramic becomes dense, which makes it tough. The lifespan of porcelain tile tends to be longer than most high-end flooring options, and it’s been said to be harder than granite.

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