Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Have you decided which type of flooring you’re going to choose? How about the backsplash? Transworld Tile has served San Fernando, West Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks for more than 30 years with the best glass tile in the industry. If you’re going to use glass tile, visit our store today or give us a call now. Our experts are waiting to assist you with your tile style and design choices.

In this post, we’re going to share the pros and cons of using glass tile in your bathroom or kitchen.

What is Glass Tile?

The variety of glass tile production methods lends a myriad of finished product to fit your glass tile needs.

There are what’s called “smalti” tiles, a textured, colored, and small. They’re used for backsplash or other accent objectives.

“Fused” tiles are individual units fused together to form a mosaic. Colors can be added to influence style and feel or the glass will show whatever is beneath it.

“Sintered” tiles result from glass powder being pressed and then heated until the particles fuse. Typically, this style of glass tile is manufactured in one-inch by one-inch squares.

“Cast” tile requires glass to be clumped into a mold and heated until it melts together, which results in a coherent mass.

“Slumped” tile is manipulated into curves and shapes, which is usually accomplished by melting plate glass into relief molds.

“Etched” tile includes adding a translucent, thin layer across the top of a tile to create a unique design.

What are the Cons?

It’s Expensive

If you have the desire to use glass tile, make sure your budget can handle the cost. Glass tile is not cheap, nor is it inexpensive; it’s one of the pricier options in the industry due to its production, manufacturing, and customization.

Check The Rating

Although glass tile is stunning, it’s also relatively soft when it comes to flooring strength. Glass tile is typically rated to ensure certain types of glass is not used for flooring instead of the backsplash.

Requires Expert Installation

You want a trained professional to install your glass tile. Due to its high price and unique installation requirements, find a glass installation specialist instead of using a general contractor who’s “installed glass tile a few times.”

What are the Pros?

Unrivaled Beauty and Style

When you choose glass tile, you’re choosing unmatched beauty. The color variations, styles, and combinations allow for unprecedented customization and uniqueness. You won’t be disappointed with the elegance and aesthetic influence of glass tile.

Easy to Clean

Glass tile is one of the easiest tile materials to clean. Water or some light cleaner can usually get the job done.

No Water Absorption

You don’t have to worry about moisture or condensation cracking your glass tile; it’s impervious to water absorption. So if you want to use this tile near your sinks or in your shower, they’re a great option.

Created with Recycled Materials

If you’re eco-conscious, you can find glass tiles produced with recycled materials. Not only do they still look fabulous, but they also help the environment.

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Glass tile is a beautiful material and can complete an entire space, whether the kitchen or bathroom. If you’re interested in shopping for glass tile, you can visit Transworld tile online or in person. We’ve been serving San Fernando, Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks for more than 30 years. When it comes to tiles of all types, shapes, sizes, colors, and designs, we are the experts. Give us a call today!