Do you have a small bathroom in your San Fernando home? Have you considered tiles to make it feel larger and look better? A great way to improve your bathroom aesthetic and increase the size of the space without actually knocking walls down is tile. Tile can offer a variety of looks and styles depending on which material you choose. Furthermore, the color shade and design can reflect light to make the space look larger.

If you’re struggling with a small bathroom, you have options, and, in this post, Transworld Tile wants to share some small bathroom ideas with you to get the most out of your tiny space.

How Tiles Help Small Bathrooms

When you choose to install tile in your small San Fernando bathroom, it can do wonders for the space. For example, diagonally laid tile, lighter color choices, and larger tiles will create a brighter, larger aesthetic that makes the bathroom feel bigger.

Diagonal Floor Tiles

Diagonally laid floor tiles add a vibrancy to small bathrooms that otherwise laid tiles do not. The angle that flows against the walls give your eyes something to solve, like a puzzle at first glance. This gives the bathroom life without having to do much more.

The 90 degree turn of the tile gives your subconscious mind something to do because it’s harder to count tiles when they’re not regimented in a simpler pattern. Diagonal patterns challenge your mind, thus creating a larger space.

Lighter Tile Colors

Choose lighter colors and shades for your bathroom tile. This promotes light reflection, whether that be from your white light bulbs or natural light from a window or skylight. When your bathroom reflects light, it creates the illusion that the space is much larger.

Consider other ceilings in any other home you’ve visited in San Fernando. The ceiling is rarely painted anything other than white, if not a lighter shade of a color. This is because darker colors box spaces in while lighter colors expand spaces out.

Larger Tiles

Install larger tiles to make other bathroom materials look smaller. This creates the aesthetic of a large floor space, which visually opens up the space.

Furthermore, larger tiles offer less grout lines to the eye, which makes things feel bigger. Smaller tiles require more grout lines, which can shrink the eyes focus to the smaller tiles, which leads to a smaller feeling. Essentially, the space between grout lines is what makes the room feel larger.

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