Are you in the middle of a bathroom remodel? Do you need to choose your shower tile so your contractor can finish your project? When it comes to shower tiles, it’s important to know how you want the space to make you feel and what is the best tile for your specific needs before making a purchase. Transworld Tile has hundreds of tile options for you to choose from. Give us a call now or stop by and browse our wonderful collection!

Seven Tips To Choose the Best Shower Tiles

Choose A Feeling

It’s common to look at colors, designs, and styles to mix and match for a great look; however, it’s important to consider how the new shower tiles will make you feel. Granted, color, style, and design to affect feeling, but if you’re focusing on making something match, compliment, or contrast, you may miss out on the most important factor every shower needs: a refreshing, inviting mood.

Achieving this mood is different for each person, which is why homeowners’ showers vary in material, shapes, colors, designs, and more. Focus on the collective colors, styles, and designs that make you feel relaxed, calm, and refreshed.

Use Small Tiles for Curves

It’s easier and more appealing to use smaller sized tiles around curves. If your shower bench, space shape, or shower design have any curves, use smaller tiles through those curves to aesthetically enhance the feature.

Choose Tile Size

In general, smaller glass tile pieces are easier to work with than larget glass tile pieces; the size hides the potential moisture captured behind the tile. However, when you go to ceramic or porcelain wall tile for your shower, larger tiles are better, since you’ll need to grout and seal the spaces in between.

Will You Complete A Wall Feature?

It’s a great idea to use a secondary color to feature with your shower tile renovation project. At Transworld Tile, we suggest you stick to one alternative color to maintain the timeless look and inviting feel of the shower. Nonetheless, the feature tiles may be slightly different than your primary tiles, so pay attention to how the two tiles will work together, or if it’s even possible to use them together.

Do you have a sloped shower ceiling?

A magnificent sloped shower ceiling brings a majestic mood to the entire space. It’s important to remember that similar to curves, you want to use smaller tiles for sloped surfaces. It’s easier for your contractor to install and looks better aesthetically.

Tile Size Changes The Feel

If you use larger shower tiles, it will make the shower feel more spacious. When you’re pursuing an inviting, relaxed feel with your shower, the bigger the space the better. Not all bathrooms are created equal, so if you can increase the size of the space by simply using larger wall tiles.

Consider Tile Maintenance

Depending on the style and type of tile you choose for your bathroom, you want to keep cleaning and maintenance in mind. In general, tile is low maintenance and easy to clean, but it’s important to consider the tile maintenance needs before purchasing.

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