Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Are you in the middle of a bathroom remodel and don’t know which flooring you want yet? It can feel stressful when your contractor is on a deadline, but you haven’t chosen your bathroom floor tiles yet.

We understand how tough it is to choose the best bathroom floor tile from hundreds of options. At Transworld Tile, we have plenty flooring materials to choose from, but we also help our customers and their contractors through the process.

Five Tips To Choose The Best Bathroom Floor Tiles

Choose Your Dream Tile

It can be disheartening to search bathroom floor tile based on price. Initially, you want to dream. You want to feel as though you can have the bathroom tile you imagined for months or even years. Ask yourself: “Which tile flooring do I want?”

The ultimate goal of this approach is to get you out of your own way. We understand how homeowners work with a budget. We also agree that your contractor should influence you to choose the best tile for your project. So we do our absolute best to get you what you want and need.

Expand to Three Tile Choices

If your dream tile does not fit into your budget, choose three tile alternatives. Here are some general areas of focus, in no particular order, when you’re narrowing your options:

  • Style
  • Design
  • Color
  • Price
  • Durability

The goal is to find three tile flooring options you like and could live with for the duration of your time in your current residence. On average, tile flooring has a long lifespan, so choosing something you like and enjoy is just as important as fitting the option into your budget.

Only Choose One Variation or Accent

If you’re considering accent tiles, consider only going for one. This means that if you go with a white tile flooring, use one other color to accent it. Using too many colors, styles, or designs in one space can compete with everything else, creating a conflicting feeling when in the room.

Ideally, you want to keep your tile accents to one “showstopper.” Since tile is a long-lasting, durable material with wonderful aesthetic compliments, you want to achieve a timeless look. Keep your tile indulgence to one variation per space.

Consider Tile Maintenance

It may seem odd to consider how you have to take care of your tile, but it’s important to take into consideration when choosing which color, style, and design you choose. A bathroom floor has a consistent amount of foot traffic from those in the home. Traffic increases, typically, when guests are over. Moisture and condensation is a factor in bathrooms due to bathing. Health care products for hair, face, and otherwise are a factor is spilled on the tile.

Overall, you want a tile that fits your lifestyle. This is why it’s important to get expert advice from the professionals at Transworld Tile in San Fernando.

Consider Tile Size

How will the tile flooring scale affect the rest of the bathroom space. You want your bathroom features and elements to work together to create the perfect feel. Nonetheless, consider the tile scale when choosing your flooring. A shower with slightly smaller tile scale size compared to a floor with large tile scaling may look off to the average person. You want to create an inviting comfort with your bathroom space. Your tile flooring can help achieve this.

In general, consulting with an expert at Transworld Tile can help you decide which size of tile would be best for your renovation.

Transworld Tile is Here to Serve You!

Whether you’re planning your bathroom remodel or you’re in the middle of a renovation, we can help you decide which tile flooring is the best choice for you. With hundreds of tile options to choose from, you will find what you need to complete your project. Stop by today or give us a call now!