Most people know that tile is the most widely used material when it comes to the bathroom. After all, it prevents moisture from causing issues, looks stunning, and is easy to clean. With all of that in mind, why not choose gorgeous bathroom tiles that are sure to stand out and truly make this space your own? If you are considering a bathroom remodel (or even just a small makeover), consider these tile design ideas. Contact Transworld Tile today to get started and see how we can help!

Accent Wall

Don’t feel like you need to stick with just one color. You can draw attention to one of your bathroom walls by choosing a few different colors and creating a bold design. For example, don’t be afraid to make several rows of smaller tiles in one color before switching to a complementary color. A gentle blue and a deep turquoise is a great place to start if you are unsure about choosing colors for the bathroom. This modern touch will reassure you that less is more.

Marble Everywhere

If you have a large tub, make it the star of your bathroom space by adding marble tiles all around it. Depending on your budget, you can create a Palladian window with an arch above to really add some classic glamour to your tub. Carrara marble and black granite tiles make for beautiful flooring when centered into a small section in the middle of the bathroom floor.

Focus on the Floor

You can keep your walls simple and solid-colored by really pulling the attention onto the flooring of your bathroom space. For example, you can find marble tiles in small planks, then lay them in an order that will pull out dramatic contrasts. Whether you are hoping for a chevron shape or simple blocks, your guests will be sure to notice the dramatic flair the flooring gives your bathroom.

Think Outside the Box

Get creative with your tile placement! The floor and walls of the shower might seem like the most obvious places, but what about adding a little bit around the sink? If there is wall space in between your bathroom counters and the mirror, create a backsplash filled with personality and color! Whatever you choose, make it your own. There really are no rules when it comes to laying down tile in your bathroom.

Change Shapes and Colors

You can use tile to create a clear divide between the wet areas of the bathroom and the dry areas. By choosing to keep all your shower tiles large and marbled, you can mark the edge of that space by switching to smaller, darker tiles on the floor. Whatever colors you choose to use, they are sure to blend wonderfully when combined with complementary or contrasting tiles.

Make Floors and Walls the Same

If mixing and matching aren’t quite your thing, then have no fear. You can keep your floors and walls looking the same with matching floor tiles. This gives the appearance of an upscale hotel bathroom, especially if you find yourself leaning more towards darker tiles.

Play with Trim

By keeping your floor tile all the same shape, you can play with color placement to adjust the trim or add a pattern. For example, a black, hexagon tiled floor would look lovely with a white tile trim just at the edges. If you choose to use a dark color and a contrasting trim, you can use that contrasting color in other areas of the bathroom.

One Space, One Tile

Create an undeniably cohesive look by choosing one large tile and sticking to it for the entirety of the space. Even in areas where the tile doesn’t fit, it can always be cut down to size. With the solid appearance on every wall, you can add accent features and details where you see fit. We understand that not everyone wants their bathroom tiles to be the focus of the room!

Pay Attention to Glazes

Not all tiles have been created to have the same finish, and we are thankful for that! Make sure you are paying attention to what sort of finish you want. Some people prefer a glossy, shinier effect, while others are more interested in bringing out the natural beauty of the clay in their tiles. Whatever you prefer, keep that in mind when making your final selection.

Contact Transworld Tile

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