As a homeowner, you have a lot of choices to make. Should you remodel your bathroom? Should you add another bathroom on the second floor? Do you need to renovate the tile in the bathroom? It’s all relative to what you want to feel and see when you experience the space. In fact, you have so much control over how your bathroom looks, you may make some mistakes in a fit of inspiration to design the perfect space to shower, groom, and relax. In this post, Transworld Tile in San Fernando wants to share X bathroom design mistakes you ought to avoid.

Eight Bathroom Design Mistakes To Avoid

#1. Focus On Form Before Function

It may seem unique to pack your toilet, shower, and sink all on one wall to create more floor room in your bathroom. However, the function of each bathroom feature requires a specific amount of space. If you take away any portion of that space needed, it makes your bathroom feel cramped or unusable. You want to focus on function before form. Make sure all your features are comfortably usable and easily accessible before you dive into the form of your bathroom.

#2. Unnecessarily Move Bathroom Features

It can be tempting to shake your bathroom up a bit, but moving your toilet from one wall to another may cause more issues than solutions. First, your sanitary pipes will need to be adjusted, which requires tearing up the floor. Also, other pipes and electrical wiring may also need to be moved to accommodate any changes you’re making to your bathroom. In most cases, this is possible, but it means you get to renovate your floor and wall tile in the process. For most, this is an opportunity to add new tile to the bathroom anyway.

#3. Design For A Large Space

If you’re going to renovate or remodel your bathroom, make sure and design for the space. Sometimes homeowners will design for a space larger than what they have and the remodel doesn’t achieve the goals set. The best way to not make this mistake is to get the dimensions for your bathroom and get the help of a professional.

#4. Forget About Storage

You’ve just finished designing the perfect bathroom for your home. The remodel is going to go flawlessly. In fact, you’ve already started shopping for features and materials. You call a local contractor and they ask you a question you haven’t considered: “Do you plan on adding any storage space to your new bathroom?” A common mistake in bathroom remodels is not adding more storage space or removing it entirely.



#5. Forget About Heating

It can get cold in the winter, and your bathroom will remind you. If you have a medium to large sized bathroom with tile flooring and walls, it can get a little cold in the room during fall and winter. Make sure you consider adding more heating features to the space to make sure you stay warm while you use the space.

#6. Ventilate Improperly

The standard bathroom ventilation fans are added due to code. If you want to up the ventilation capability of your fans, you need to install something new. In fact, most bathroom remodels don’t include better ventilation, which is a huge mistake. Proper ventilation allows for better room temperature control.

#7. Choose Incompatible Water Features

One of the most refreshing experiences in the bathroom is a rainfall water shower. In fact, most people enjoy the feeling of an over-head shower feature that allows gravity to wash water over you. The mistake is installing this feature in your shower and your water system not being able to keep up or power it. Make sure you have enough water pressure to handle a feature like this before you purchase it. In fact, consult with your contractor to make sure all the new features you’re purchasing will actually work in your new bathroom.

#8. Choose The Wrong Tile

The floor and wall tile in your bathroom does more than look nice. Tile can reflect light. It can add character to the space. It can also make a space look larger than its actual size. What’s more, choosing the wrong tile can turn the feeling of your bathroom from a paradise into a dungeon. Make sure you consult a professional to choose the best tile for your bathroom.

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