1. How to Properly Care for Your Natural Stone or Tile Floors

    Once you’ve decided that you’re going to install natural stone or tile flooring, you are going to have to learn how to properly clean your floors in order to get the longest possible life out of them. This involves everything from a proper installation and regular cleanings to annual maintenance routines. Since you are investing in tile flooring for your home, we want to help you know how to p…Read More

  2. The Basics on How to Install Bathroom Tile

    Choosing tile for a bathroom renovation is one of the most entertaining parts of the job.  If you’re having your bathroom tiled professionally installed, that’s great.  The following information won’t apply to you, but if you’re looking to install tile yourself after you purchase it from Transworld Tile, this guide may come in handy.  While there are other, more detailed guides and vide…Read More

  3. 6 Unique Tiling Projects for Your Home

    Along with the more traditional uses of tile in a house, from floor tiles to kitchen backsplashes, there are plenty of options for tile that may be a little more unconventional but provide incredible results. Using porcelain tile or glass tile for a variety of these unique projects can provide stunning results. You might find yourself  running back to Transworld Tile for more product to keep find…Read More

  4. The Natural Beauty of Travertine Floors

    You’ve probably heard mention of travertine floors or tiling, but do you know what a makes a travertine tile? Travertine is a classification of stone, specifically limestone, that can be using in various flooring or tiling projects. Travertine stone is the same chemical composition as other limestones; however, it goes through a process in the earth’s crust that applies additional heat and pre…Read More

  5. 3 Great Spaces to Design with Mexican Tile

    With the Spanish influence throughout Southern California, it’s no surprise that Mexican tile tends to be a popular choice for many individuals looking to add a fun flare to their home. You can find a variety of Mexican tiles here at Transworld Tile, that are sure to provide you with the beautiful results you desire. If you would like to enhance the beauty of your home with that southwestern tou…Read More

  6. Do You Want a Mosaic in Your Home? Of Course!

    What is a Mosaic? With a long history dating back centuries, mosaics are a fascinating art form. According to the Ancient History Encyclopedia, a “mosaic is the art of creating images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stone, or other materials.” In some respects, it’s much like the glass or ceramic tile placed together in your kitchen or bathroom but to create images and u…Read More

  7. 5 Outdoor Projects That are Perfect for Tile

    When you think about various uses for tile around your home, your main thoughts probably revolve around the bathrooms, kitchen, and floors. While these are the most common uses for tile design, there are many outdoor uses and projects that can utilize a variety of tile types. For centuries, glass and ceramic tile have been used as ornate decoration in outdoor gathering places around the world. Don…Read More

  8. Questions to Ask Before Picking Out Bathroom Tile

    Updating a home’s bathroom can be a major point of comfort and added value for those who are looking into ways to improve their home. No home is complete without beautiful and complimentary bathroom tiles. In fact, between the floor and shower area, much of your bathroom utilizes some type of tile. Don’t let picking your bathroom tile stress you out. Here are some questions to ask yourself as …Read More

  9. 3 Reasons to Invest in a Kitchen Backsplash Install

    If you’ve thought about updating your kitchen or maybe even doing an entire kitchen renovation, you’ve probably heard the term “backsplash” thrown around. But what is a kitchen backsplash and do you really need to install backsplash tile? A kitchen backsplash can be anything from a four-inch tile addition on the wall perpendicular to the counter, to a fully tiled area between where the cou…Read More

  10. The Best Ways to Clean Your New Kitchen Backsplash

    You’ve taken the time and installed new kitchen backsplash tile. Congratulations! You’ve done yourself a favor to help protect your walls and to improve the value of your home. However, instead of all the grease and gunk building up on the walls from your delicious cooking, now it will end up on the backsplash tile. That’s okay! Here are some simple steps to try to keep your kitchen backspla…Read More