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  1. Mosaic Designs Using Floor Tiles

    Channel Your Inner @ihavethisthingwithfloors with these mosaic ideas What’s so fantastic about tile flooring is the fact that you can be very creative with how you design your floors. Tiles can be molded and carved into geometric shapes that are quite easy to make designs with. Transworld Tiles is all in support of helping you create the kitchen or bathroom floor that’s sure to impress all of…Read More

  2. Grout Cleaning Tricks

    A Few Ways to Clean the Grout Between Floor Tiles When you first installed tiles after renovating or installing new flooring, they looked shiny and pristine. The tiles themselves sparkled and stains didn’t exist, and the grout cementing the tiles together was as white as snow; but that was a few years ago. Even though you’ve done your best to sweep and mop regularly, the stains and dirt have …Read More

  3. Multi-Purposed Backsplash Tile

    Many of our customers come in with a strong desire to match their newly-updated kitchen to the rest of their home. While installing the same flooring throughout your home can be incredibly expensive and attempting to matchup appliances is all but impossible, they can find a way to fulfill this desire in their backsplash tile. Directly & Indirectly Matching Backsplash to Wall Tiles There are a …Read More

  4. Tile Backsplash Display “Windows”

    A growing trend that we’re absolutely fans of is the backsplash tile “window,” which is basically an isolated area of tile that is differentiated from the rest of the backsplash. Typically, this features a pattern, bold color, or otherwise feature-worthy section of tiles in a prominent location. But the big question is whether or not a tile feature window is right for your kitchen or not, ri…Read More

  5. Glass or Stone Backsplash Tile?

    At Transworld Tile, we regularly help families in the San Fernando Valley choose from a number of backsplash tile colors, textures, and options. Often, this decision comes down to a porcelain or stone tile compared to a glass tile. How Backsplash Material Impacts Color, Texture, & Feel When you’re looking at various tile backsplash options, much of the differentiation is found within the mat…Read More

  6. Install That Tile Backsplash!

    All too often we see this situation: After a long renovation, full of decisions and “living through” a lack of creature comforts, families stall out and say “good enough” when the project is mostly done. For some reason, the tile backsplash is quite often the halting point of a nearly-done home renovation. Why You Should Finish the Job & Install That Backsplash! We see people in the st…Read More

  7. How To Make Bathroom Tiles Last

    In all reality, there is no good reason why your bathroom tiles can’t outlast just about any other piece of your home. Not only are these tiles made of durable material that can and should stand up to the test of time, but they’re also super easy to maintain and keep looking great for years and years. Bathroom Tile Maintenance for the Ages Have you ever set foot in a bathroom that you knew was…Read More

  8. Battling Mold and Mildew on Bathroom Tiles

    When we think of bathroom tiles, especially around the shower and toilet, we rarely imagine them without the potential for mold and mildew growth. These pesky, dangerous substances seem to pop up wherever there is wet and leave you with few options for removal. Today, we’ll teach you the way professionals keep their own bathrooms free of mold and mildew. Keeping Bathroom Tiles Beautiful, Clean, …Read More

  9. Kitchen Flooring: Rugs – Okay, Carpeting – Nope

    In today’s blog, we’ll cover something that may seem obvious to many, but still warrants talking about: Why carpeting has no place in a kitchen. You may be cringing right now, but if you’ve ever wondered about what this would look (or smell) like, then read on for why a couple of rugs over floor tiles is a far better choice. Keeping Out the Carpeting Today, we see carpeting in as little squ…Read More

  10. Floor Tiles for White Kitchens

    One of the most common questions we’ve received in the past few years has also been a largely uncommon one for most of our 30 plus years serving the San Fernando Valley with floor tiles: “Which floor tiles are best for a white kitchen?” So, of course, we’ve gotten very good at answering that question. However, to those that think that matching to a white kitchen is a breeze, we have some …Read More

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Awesome Company!

We recently went to Transworld Tile for the first time and our experience there was amazing. Warren went out of his way to help us with our choices. We had many rooms to work with and were f…Read More

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Showed Great Expertise

Warren at Transworld tile showed great expertise in showing my wife and I tile. He helped us pick sizes for our shower space and showed us all the colors and how to in cooperate them to make…Read More

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Brianna is the best. She made sure I got my tiles the same day. They have a wonderful selection of high end tiles. Super friendly and I would recommend this place to anyone.…Read More

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