1. 9 Tips To Choose The Perfect Kitchen Backsplash: Part I

    Do you want to remodel your kitchen? Have you chosen which backsplash you’re going to use? At Transworld Tile, we suggest you give us a visit to discuss your options. We understand that it can be tough to find the best kitchen tile for your kitchen, but our vast selection of tile paired with years of experience can help. We want you to get the perfect kitchen--the one you’ve dreamed of having …Read More

  2. Want To Use Tile For Your Backsplash? Here Are Five Benefits!

    You’ve made the decision to remodel or renovate your kitchen. You’re probably excited to get the project started, but your contractor wants you to decide which materials to use for your floor, walls, and backsplash. This is normal, and it keeps the project moving forward. The worst feeling is waiting for your kitchen to be finished when it’s your fault due to indecision. When it comes to you…Read More

  3. How to Choose Your Bathroom Shower Tiles

    Are you in the middle of a bathroom remodel? Do you need to choose your shower tile so your contractor can finish your project? When it comes to shower tiles, it’s important to know how you want the space to make you feel and what is the best tile for your specific needs before making a purchase. Transworld Tile has hundreds of tile options for you to choose from. Give us a call now or stop by a…Read More

  4. How to Choose Your Bathroom Floor Tiles

    Do you want to renovate your bathroom? Are you in the middle of a bathroom remodel and don’t know which flooring you want yet? It can feel stressful when your contractor is on a deadline, but you haven’t chosen your bathroom floor tiles yet. We understand how tough it is to choose the best bathroom floor tile from hundreds of options. At Transworld Tile, we have plenty flooring materials to ch…Read More

  5. The Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tile

    Did you know there are hundreds of ceramic tile variations, offering a wide variety of styles and designs for your home remodeling project? Whether you’re renovating your bathroom, kitchen, or other living space, ceramic tile flooring is a great choice. In this post, we’ll be sharing the pros and cons of ceramic tile. Transworld Tile has been serving San Fernando, Los Angeles, and Thousand Oak…Read More

  6. The Pros and Cons of Porcelain Tile

    Your home’s toilet or sink are not the only porcelain features you can add to your home. Whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or bathroom, you can add porcelain tiles to the floor. The durable, tough material is scratch and stain resistant, which makes it a great flooring option for those who will see a lot of traffic throughout their home. Not only is porcelain tile durable, but it’s also…Read More

  7. The Pros and Cons of Glass Tile

    Are you planning a bathroom remodel? Have you decided which type of flooring you’re going to choose? How about the backsplash? Transworld Tile has served San Fernando, West Los Angeles, and Thousand Oaks for more than 30 years with the best glass tile in the industry. If you’re going to use glass tile, visit our store today or give us a call now. Our experts are waiting to assist you with your…Read More

  8. Carrara Marble: The Worst Choice for Your Bathroom Floor?

    When you think of marble, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a master craftsman installing marble across a palace floor? Our team at Transworld Tile certainly agrees that the aesthetic value of marble is one of the highest in the flooring industry. Nonetheless, it may be wise to consider whether or not it’s the best choice for your bathroom. You may be wondering, “Why would a tile company stee…Read More

  9. Kitchen Tiles and Other Flooring for Your Pets

    Your Kitchen is the Heart of Your Home Though many could argue that your kitchen is the heart of your home, to some it really is where the action takes place in your house. Not only do you cook in the kitchen, you can chat, snack, and eat in the kitchen. In certain families, the kitchen is where you gather to discuss important subjects and events of the day. Because the kitchen is a focal location…Read More

  10. Choosing the Color of Your Kitchen Tile

    The Stress of Choosing Kitchen Tile When choosing flooring, half the battle is simply choosing the material. However, once the material is picked out, you then must determine what color you should install into your home. When it comes to kitchen flooring, one of the best choices is tile. Tile flooring is durable, easily cleaned, requires almost no maintenance, and has been proven to be beneficial …Read More