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  1. Kitchen Floor Tiles & Your Timeline

    In our previous blog, we shared a thorough review of the timeline your kitchen renovation will likely adhere to and where backsplash tile fit into that. Today, we’ll share with you similar information about your floor tile, although there is a bit more wiggle room when it comes to your flooring. The Role of Flooring in Your Renovation When you’re opting for a tile in your kitchen, you’re cho…Read More

  2. Don’t Tile That Backslash! (Yet)

    If you’re in the midst of a kitchen remodel, it could be tempting to have everything done at the last delivery date, but today we’ll make a compelling case as to why you should save your kitchen backsplash tile installation for last. Why Kitchen Tile Backsplash is Best Left for Last There are a great many things to consider when doing your kitchen renovation; the exact number of which depend o…Read More

  3. Choosing a Sink & Vanity for Bathroom Remodels

    If you’ve taken on the (often daunting) task of renovating a bathroom in your home, then you’re going to have plenty of hurdles to overcome and decisions to make. If you’re stuck on how to pick some of the key fixtures and features that will adorn your new bathroom, maybe we can help! The Fixture & Feature Decision Making Process When you set out to begin the later parts of a bathroom re…Read More

  4. Consider A Wet Bath

    Depending on how familiar you are with tiny houses and urban Asian living, you may or may not have heard about wet baths. The term means almost exactly what it sounds like, but still, many people find it difficult to grasp when or how to properly use these efficient spaces to transform their living situation. What are Wet Baths and Why Should I Care? Simply put: A wet bath is a bathroom in which j…Read More

  5. When Hardwood Goes Wrong

    If, like so many homeowners, you’re considering hardwood flooring in your home, then you need to be very careful to avoid a very costly mistake that can lead to a re-do (often entirely at your expense) of your flooring. Avoiding the Common Hardwood Horrors With an average cost ranging somewhere from around 10 to 20 dollars per square foot, the cost of hardwood floors are nothing to laugh at. Unf…Read More

  6. Simple Bathroom Tile Selection Guide

    If you’re looking to upgrade your bathroom, be prepared for a number of tough style choices. Even those that have a pretty good idea of how they want their future oasis to look can struggle with the wide array of choices for options, features, and styles. Today, we’ll help in selecting one major component: Your bathroom’s tiles. Considering Bathroom Tile Pick Your Favorites If you are start…Read More

  7. Ceramic or Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Tiles?

    Depending on where you look for your kitchen flooring elements, you may be told a number of conflicting statements. Some manufacturers, dealers, and salespeople recommend you only go with a ceramic kitchen floor tile, while others may be more apt to recommend an engineered hardwood, or even “luxury vinyl” tile alternative. Comparing Luxury Vinyl Kitchen Tiles to Other Flooring Types There are …Read More

  8. Simple Bathroom Improvements That Add Value

    For most people, home improvements are a more gradual thing then the major renovations we see on TV. If you’re looking to add some value and livability into an outdated bathroom, we have a few really simple tips that can make all difference on your bathroom’s appeal and value. Making DIY Easy Take Advantage of Vintage Vintage things are always going to be cool. People like the look of somethi…Read More

  9. Choose Kitchen Flooring First

    In our previous blog, we outlined how you can incorporate color into your design while still using the subway tile you love; in it, we briefly mentioned the order in which you should pick your kitchen’s colors and accessories. Today, we’ll explain why you should pick your kitchen flooring first. Kitchen Flooring Before Countertops & Backsplash Working From the Ground Up Depending on the t…Read More

  10. Try This Re-Imagined Subway Tile Solution

    Two things have become popular at once, and it makes for an odd set of choices for those looking to update their kitchen: White shaker cabinets and subway tile kitchen backsplashes. Now, this may not seem like the end of western civilization, but many worry about how well white on white will age. Today, Transworld Tile is proud to present an alternative. How to Use Colorful Glass Subway Tile What…Read More

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Awesome Company!

We recently went to Transworld Tile for the first time and our experience there was amazing. Warren went out of his way to help us with our choices. We had many rooms to work with and were f…Read More

Janet C. - Woodland Hills, CA

Showed Great Expertise

Warren at Transworld tile showed great expertise in showing my wife and I tile. He helped us pick sizes for our shower space and showed us all the colors and how to in cooperate them to make…Read More

Dave W. - Granada Hills, CA

Wonderful Selection

Brianna is the best. She made sure I got my tiles the same day. They have a wonderful selection of high end tiles. Super friendly and I would recommend this place to anyone.…Read More

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